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Use this tab to define the general settings for the VAT report.

To access this tab, choose   Administration   System Initialization   General Settings   VAT  .

General Settings: VAT Tab Fields
Tax Invoice Numbering

A table used to define the numbering range for the tax invoice report.

Note Note

There is no limitation for defining different numbering series, but overlapping numbering is not allowed.

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Numbering Name

Specify a name for the numbering system.

First Number

Specify the initial number.

Next Number

The field Next is recorded automatically, based on the number defined in field First, before a tax invoice is generated. Each time you print a tax invoice report, the number in field Next increases automatically by ‘1’.

Year Dependent

Causes the last two digits of the current year to be used as the first two digits for the numbering series.

Set as Default

Sets a numbering series as the default; otherwise, the first numbering series is used.


Specify the file directory to which to download the required data records.

Note Note

Once the numbering series has been used, the First, Next, and Year Dependent fields are not editable.

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