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To facilitate bin location management, SAP Business One lets you maintain a master data record for each bin location. In the bin location master data, you can define the following:

  • Bin Location Code

    To identify each bin location with a unique code, SAP Business One requires you to use the codes of the warehouse and warehouse sublevels to compose bin location codes as follows:

    <Warehouse Code><Code Separator><Sublevel 1 Code><Code Separator><Sublevel 2 Code><Code Separator><Sublevel 3 Code><Code Separator><Sublevel 4 Code>

    Example Example

    Warehouse A has the following sublevels:

    • Warehouse sublevel 1 – Wing

      Sublevel codes – WINGEAST and WINGWEST, which refer to the east and west wings in the warehouse, respectively.

    • Warehouse sublevel 2 – Section

      Sublevel codes – SECTIONA and SECTIONB, which represent section A and B in each wing.

    • Warehouse sublevel 3 – Shelf

      Sublevel codes – SHELF01 and SHELF02, which stand for shelf 01 and 02 in each section.

      Shelf is the smallest unit of space in the warehouse and also represents the physical location of the bin.

    To indicate the eight bin locations (shelves), SAP Business One lets you define the following bin location codes with the warehouse and warehouse sublevel codes:

    Note Note

    The separators - between the warehouse and warehouse sublevel codes are defined in Warehouses - Setup: Bin Locations Tab. By default, the bin location code separator is a hyphen ”-”.

    End of the note.








      Note Note

      When defining bin location codes, you can omit one or more sublevels, if required. For instance, in the above example, you can also define the following valid bin location codes:



      • A-WINGWEST

      • A-SECTIONA

      • A-SHELF01

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    End of the example.
  • Bin Location Properties

    For each bin location, SAP Business One lets you define a set of properties with which you can do the following:

    • Restrict the storage of your bin locations, for example, to a particular batch, item, or item group

    • Restrict the use of your bin locations, for example, to receiving or issuing goods only

    • Set up the minimum and maximum quantities of items for your bin locations, so that you can replenish the inventory in the bin locations to the maximum when the inventory level falls below the minimum

      Note Note

      The minimum and maximum quantities do not have any effect on the receipt or issue of inventory in your bin locations. That is, SAP Business One does not block the receiving or issuing of items, even if it is causing the inventory in your bin locations to exceed the maximum or fall below the minimum.

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    • Define a number of attributes for your bin locations, for example, size, volume, temperature, or color

You can generate, update, and delete the bin locations in batches using bin location management.