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Procedure documentationGenerating New Tax Reports According to Model 340: Spain Locate this document in the navigation structure


After generating a new tax report, and saving the electronic file in txt. format, you can upload the file on the tax authorities' Web site.


For information, see Working With 340 Reports: Spain.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Financials   Financial Reports   Accounting   Tax   Tax Report Generation  .

    The Tax Report Generation—Selection Criteria window appears.

  2. In the Tax Declaration Type field, choose Original.

  3. In the Tax Declaration Name field, specify the year and the month or quarter, depending on whether you submit monthly or quarterly reports.

  4. Specify the dates, series, and transaction types to be included in the report.

  5. To generate the list of documents to be included in the report, choose the OK button.

    The Tax Report Generation window appears.

    Select the documents to be included by selecting the Confirmed checkbox.

    For more information, see Tax Report Generation Window.

  6. Choose the Add button, and if you selected only some of the available documents, the following system message appears:

    Certain rows are not selected and will not be saved with the report. Continue?

  7. To proceed generating the file, choose Yes. The following system message appears:

    Do you want to create the electronic file in 340 format?

  8. To create the file, choose the Yes button and choose a location in which to save the file.

    If you choose the No button, the file is not generated. You or another user, for example your manager, can generate the file later when retrieving the tax report. For more information, see Checking Tax Reports and Creating a Submission File.

    If you select the Cancel button, you remain on the Tax Report Generation window.

  9. In the Tax Report Generation window, choose the OK button.