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A certificate of deduction of tax at source must be issued to vendors. It lists the TDS deducted on the payment made to vendors. This certificate is known as Form No. 16A.


  1. To generate the Form 16A, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Financial   TDS   Form 16 A  .

  2. Specify the following fields:


    In the From...and To... fields, choose the vendors for whom you want to run the Form 16A report.

    Section Code

    Select a section code for which the Form 16 A certificate is being generated.

    TDS Location

    In the drop down list, select a location for which you want to generate the Form 16 A certificate.

    Financial Year

    Specify the financial year for the report.


    Specify the quarter in the financial year for the report.

    Note Note

    Before generating the report, you must define the acknowledgement number for the selected quarter. For more information, see Setting Up Acknowledgement Numbers: India.

    End of the note.
    Deductee Type

    Select a deductee type from the drop down list.

    Person Responsible

    Select the person responsible for deducting the tax.


    Designation of the person responsible.

  3. Choose the OK button.

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