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Use this tab to view and edit details regarding the sales tax information used in relevant reports.

To access this window, choose   Sales A/R   Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery, Returns, A/R Invoice, A/R Credit Memo, A/R Down Payment Request, A/R Down Payment Invoice   Tax  .

Sales Tax Relevant Fields
Tax Information

Click to open the Tax Information window in which you can view or change the tax information.

Transaction Category

Specify a transaction category.

Form No.

Specify the form number.

Duty Status

Specify whether this invoice is with or without payment of duty.

Note Note

When you copy a document, the duty status property of the target document inherits the value of the duty status property of the base document and is not editable. (Exception: When you copy a sales quotation to a sales order, this field is editable as long as the document status is open.)

End of the note.

Enables you to segregate sales invoices for export.

Excise Ref. No.

Specify the excise reference number.

Among all the sales documents, this field appears only in the following documents:

  • A/R credit memo that is based on A/R invoices and contains excisable items

  • Cancellation document of a delivery containing excisable items

    Note Note

    You can cancel a delivery only after you have created an outgoing excise invoice based on the delivery.

    End of the note.

The excise reference number is mandatory for both documents, and the system automatically generates an incoming excise invoice after their creation.