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Choosing G/L Account Balance in step 1 of the GB Interface wizard opens the G/L Account Balance - Selection Criteria window. Use this window to specify selection criteria for exporting the G/L Account Balance report.

G/L Account Balance - Selection Criteria

Opens the G/L Accounts window, from which you select the codes of the G/L accounts to be displayed in the report.


Specify the level of the accounts to be displayed in the table.

  • Option 1: Table displays the highest level title of the accounts.

  • Option 10: Table displays the details of the accounts under this title.


An X in this column indicates an account or title selected to appear in the report.

To select or clear all accounts in the table, click the X in the head of the column.

Note Note

GB Interface exports only the accounts that were assigned Account Structure Level in   Financials   Chart of Accounts  .

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Displays the codes and names of the accounts.

To view details of each account, choose Link Arrow (Link Arrow).

Date From... To...

Specify the required date range for the report. The default date is the current month.

To generate the report for a specific financial period, press and choose the required period.

Note Note

An evaluation group in the report could be:

  • A control account

  • A cost center or a distribution rule

  • A project

For each evaluation group, GB Interface exports the corresponding data in separate lines.

Special Case:

In a single transaction, if more than one evaluation group, for example, a project and a cost center, is assigned to an account, the application automatically selects just one evaluation group for this account, according to the following order:

  Project   Dimension 1   Dimension 2   Dimension n  .

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Note Note

The currency field in the report displays only foreign currency.

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