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If a document contains items stored in bin location, canceling the document follows the rules below:

  • Bin locations in the existing document are automatically selected for the cancellation document, but you can always change the bin location allocation method for regular items. For serial number or batch-managed items, you can change the bin locations only when you are canceling an outbound transaction.

  • When canceling an outbound transactional document, one or more bin locations may not be able to receive items back due to various restrictions on the bin locations. Under such circumstances, you must manually select other appropriate bin locations to receive the returned items. Note that in this scenario, the system does not automatically allocate items to receiving or default bin locations.

  • When canceling an inbound transactional document, if one or more bin locations do not have sufficient items to issue, you must manually select items from other appropriate bin locations. Note that in this scenario, the system does not automatically allocate items from bin locations according to the rules for relevant warehouses.

    Note Note

    If you are canceling a document that contains serial number or batch-managed items and some of the items have been allocated to other bin locations (for example, first delivered and then returned to different bin locations), these items are still automatically selected and you cannot select other items to replace them.

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The following example concerns a bin location WH001-B001 that is restricted in terms of transactions:

  1. Restrict bin location WH001-B001 in the following way:

    1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Setup   Inventory   Bin Locations   Bin Location Master Data   and find the bin location B001.

    2. From the Transaction Restriction dropdown list, select Outbound Transactions.

    3. Choose the Update pushbutton.

  2. Create a goods receipt PO for item I001. Receive 100 units of item I001 into bin location WH001-B001.

  3. Try to cancel the goods receipt PO and add the cancellation document without changing the bin location allocation.

    You are prevented from adding the cancellation document because bin location WH001-B001 cannot be used for issuing items to business partners.

  4. Reallocate the items to appropriate bin locations.

    You can add the cancellation document now.