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Use this window to define a unique service code for a selected state and county.

To open this window, choose   Administration   Setup   Financials   Tax   Item Classification   Service Codes  .

Service Codes - Setup Window Fields
State Code

Specify a state code..

State Name

Displays the state name according to the state code you selected.

County Code

Specify a county code.

County Name

Displays the county name according to the county code you selected.


Opens the Define Service Code window for defining a service code for a specific state and county.

Define Service Code - Specific State - Specific County
Service Code

Specify the service code.


Describe the service code.


Select whether the service code is for incoming or outgoing transactions.

Outgoing transactions include:

  • Sales quotation

  • Sales order

  • Delivery

  • A/R invoice

  • A/P goods return

  • A/P credit memo

Incoming transactions include:

  • Purchase order

  • Goods receipt PO

  • A/P invoice

  • A/R returns

  • A/R credit memo

Note Note

You cannot delete a service code that is in use by another module, but you can edit its Description field.

End of the note.