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This topic deals with the following sales and purchasing documents:

  • Invoices, including reserve invoices

  • Credit memos

Note Note

Depending on your SAP Business One localization, you pay for the down payment invoice in either of the following ways:

  • Direct payment: Create a payment based on the down payment invoice

  • Indirect payment: Create a down payment invoice based on a paid down payment request

If a credit memo is based purely on unpaid down payment invoices, there is no actual down payment involved. Accordingly, this topic does not consider this type of credit memo.

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The following table lists the cancellation rules for different scenarios:

Document to Be Canceled

Base Document

Cancelable Scenarios

Down Payment Status After Cancellation



Either condition is met:

  • The invoice is not the base document of any other document.

  • The invoice's target documents are all canceled or, in the case of correction invoice, reversed.


Credit memo


The credit memo does not credit any drawn down payment.

Note Note

To credit down payments drawn to an invoice, in the credit memo window, click the Total Down Payment field and keep the drawn down payments selected in the Down Payments to Draw window.

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Remains closed

Credit memo

Indirectly paid down payment invoice

Both conditions are met:

  • The base down payment request has not been recopied to another down payment invoice.

  • The base down payment request has not been drawn to any invoice or reserve invoice.