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Dashboards are an element of the cockpit, which present easy-to-understand visualizations, such as bar or pie charts, of transactional data from the SAP Business One database. Depending on the dashboard, data can be presented either as time-specific static snapshots or as refreshable visualizations.

SAP delivers predefined dashboards for financials, sales, and service modules. In addition, SAP Business One partners and customers can create their own dashboards. For more information about predefined dashboards, see Design, Behavior, and KPIs for SAP Predefined Dashboards. For more information about creating a dashboard, see How to Develop Your Own Dashboards for SAP Business One by following the link at

For information about installing the integration component, see Administrator’s Guide for SAP Business One in the documentation area of SAP Business One Customer Portal at

To work with the dashboard widget, the key user or administrator must ensure the cockpit function and the dashboard widget is successfully enabled. After that, the key user or administrator is responsible for the following tasks:

For individual users, you can now start viewing and working with dashboards. You can either view dashboards in SAP Business One, or view dashboards using a Web browser.

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