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Note Note

The step becomes step 2 if none of the sales order or A/R reserve invoice document rows you have selected have warehouses with bin locations enabled.

End of the note.

In this step, you can specify the general information about the pick lists, such as the picker and pick date, before the pick lists are finally generated.

Pick List Details Fields
Pick No.

Displays the number of the pick list that is expected to be generated.

Pick Date

Specify the date on which the items in the pick list are picked.

By default, the field displays the system date.


Specify the user who is creating the pick list.

By default, it displays the user who is currently logged on to the company.


Specify the picker for the pick list.


If required, enter the remarks about the pick list.

No. of Items

Displays how many kinds of items are included in the pick list.

No. of Picks

Displays the number of document rows in the pick list.

In the pick list, the document rows are split by bin locations, and so each document row represents a separate pick from the corresponding bin location.

Total Released Qty

Displays the total quantity of items in the pick list.