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Quick Copy allows you to copy company configuration information from one company to another and save configuration information in an XML file.

Caution Caution

To copy data using Quick Copy, you must have the required authorizations.

End of the caution.


You can use Quick Copy to:

  • Open company configurations from XML files

  • Save company configurations to XML files

  • Copy configuration data from test environments to live environments

  • Copy a complete company configuration from one company to another

  • Copy partial configurations between companies

  • View logs of previous copy processes

File Types

Quick Copy creates two types of file:

  • Project files (XML format) – Contain information about the selections made by the user. For example, configuration information and references to the data records that you want to copy to a target. Project files do not contain the record data itself. Project files always belong to a certain database or configuration file, and you can only open a project file if you have access to the associated database or configuration file.

    As the process of selecting data records can take some time, saving your selections in a project file allows you to continue with Quick Copy at a later time.

  • Quick copy data files (XML format) – Contain configuration information, references, and the complete data that you want to copy to the target. For example, if you were copying records from a source database to a target database at a remote location, this is the file you would take with you.