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If your company manages nonperpetual inventory, the name of this report is Inventory Valuation Report.

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If you selected the Row per Item option in the Inventory Valuation Simulation Report - Selection Criteria window, the Inventory Valuation Simulation Report window displays a summary of each item you have selected on a separate row.

The upper section of the window indicates the valuation method chosen for the report, the currency in which the report was prepared, and the specified reporting date for valuation.

If you select an additional foreign currency in the selection window, you can switch to the display in this foreign currency here. Choose the entry you need from the dropdown list.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Inventory Valuation Simulation Report – Row per Item Fields
Last Evaluated Price

Displays the valuation price for a unit of the item based on the selected valuation method.


Displays the available quantity of the item in the warehouse.