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Inventory revaluation is the first step in the revaluation process performed by SAP Business One. The Inventory Revaluation Wizard guides you through the multistep process of defining the required parameters for inventory revaluation, observing revaluation recommendations, and performing the revaluation.


  • Your company runs a perpetual inventory system, and valuates inventory by the moving average method or by the FIFO method. You cannot use this wizard if you manage your inventory according to the standard price method.

  • To perform inventory revaluation according to a specific price list in SAP Business One, you have updated the prices in that price list. If there is no price defined for an item, the revaluation fails.

  • You have entered values in the index table: Since the revaluation process is based on the Index values, make sure you entered the correct values for the revaluation period.


To perform inventory revaluation, choose   Financials   Revaluation   Inventory Revaluation Wizard  , and follow the instructions for each step.