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Use this window to define and view cost centers in your company.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Cost Centers – Setup Window Fields
Cost Center

Specify a code for the cost center.


If required, specify a name or short description for the cost center.

Sort Code

If required, specify a sort code for the cost center, for selection by future reports and analyses.

Example Example

A company manufactures 10 different products, for each of which you defined a cost center. The products are divided among three different categories, and the company management wants to know which category is the most profitable. You can assign to each cost center a sort code that represents the relevant product category. Generating the cost center report summarized by sort code provides the answer.

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From the dropdown list, select the dimension to relate to the cost center.

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Only active dimensions appear in the dropdown list.

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This field appears only when you selected the Use Multidimensions checkbox on the Cost Accounting tab of the General Settings window under   Administration   System Initialization   General Settings  .

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Cost Center Type

If required, from the dropdown list, select a cost center type, for selection by future reports and analyses.

You can select Define New to open the Cost Center Type – Setup window, in which you can specify the code and name of the cost center type.

Effective From…To…

Specify the effective period of the cost center.

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You cannot update the Effective From and Effective To dates for inactive cost centers.

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If required, select the checkbox to activate the cost center. By default, the checkbox is selected.

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In SAP Business One, you can only use active cost centers.

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Open Table

Choose to open the Table of Cost Centers and Distribution Rules window.