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This report enables you to generate a list of G/L accounts and/or business partners. Use this window to specify selection criteria for the report.

To access the report, choose   Financials   Financial Reports   Accounting   G/L Accounts and Business Partners  . Alternatively, open it from the Reports module.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Selection Criteria

Displays business partners in the report.

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When not selected, other options pertaining to business partner selection criteria are not available.

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Display Leads

Report includes business partners defined as leads.

Customer Group, Vendor Group

Specify the group from which to display business partners.

Example Example

To display only customers, choose None in the Vendor Group field.

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Opens the Properties window where you select the required properties. Your choices appear in the adjoining field.

G/L Accounts

Includes G/L accounts in the report.

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When not selected, options related to G/L account selection criteria are not available.

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Opens the Find G/L Accounts window in which you select the G/L accounts to be included in the report. For more information, see the online help topic Finding G/L Accounts to Include in Financial Reports/Period-End Closing.


Select the level of the accounts to display in the table. Selecting Level 1 displays the account titles on the highest level.

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A selected row includes all accounts appearing under the title.

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X, Account

Indicates accounts selected to appear in the report.

  • Clear the X from a row to deselect the account.

  • Click the X in the column header to select or clear all accounts or selections, respectively, in the table.