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Use this window to specify selection criteria for the creation of amount differences transactions.

To open the window, choose   Financials   Amount Differences  .

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Selection Criteria
Posting Date From...To

Specify the posting date range for payments that you want to evaluate.


Specify the currency for which the option Is a Conventional Unit is set in the Currencies Setup.

When this option is set, exchange rate differences are not calculated for this currency when a full payment is received on an invoice. Instead, use this report to determine the difference.

BP Code From...To

If you want to restrict the set of payments for which the report is generated, specify the code range for business partners.


Opens the Properties window, where you can specify business partner properties as selection criteria.

Vendor Offset Account

Specify the account to which amount differences resulting from A/P transactions are posted.

Previous Report

Opens a saved recommendation report.