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Use the procedure to post conversion differences transactions according to the recommendations provided by SAP Business One.


You have generated the Conversion Differences report.


  1. In the header of the Conversion Differences window, specify the relevant details.

  2. In the App. column in the table area, select the rows (transactions) you want to post.

    Note Note

    Each row can refer to more than one transaction. To view the transactions behind a row, double-click the row. In the window that appears, you can define whether to include all the listed transactions in the conversion differences posting, or just some of them. The values in the recommended conversion differences transaction are updated accordingly.

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  3. Choose Add.

    Note Note

    If you are not sure whether or not to add transactions, you can choose Save to save the modified report for later processing.

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A new transaction is added for each row selected. In the header of the Conversion Differences window, you can recognize the new transactions according to the details you assigned to them.

If you defined the projects for the selected accounts in the Chart of Accounts window, the project codes appear in the corresponding journal entry rows.

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If you save the recommendations, no new transactions are added to the database.

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