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Filters refine your search in SAP Business One. For example, when a report yields too many hits, you can narrow the search to a specific customer code or due date range.

Use the procedure below to filter data in SAP Business One.


  1. In SAP Business One, select a document or report containing data you want to filter.

  2. In the toolbar, choose Filter Table... (Filter Table...).

    The Filter Table window appears.

  3. Define the filter as required, selecting the appropriate rules and values.

  4. To confirm the filter definitions, choose Filter .

    The selected window appears with the required filtered data. The filtered fields appear with the Filter (Filter) icon.

  5. To close the Filter Table window, choose OK.

Removing Filters

To see an unfiltered view of the document or report, choose Filter Table... (Filter Table...) in the toolbar.

Note Note

By default, SAP Business One saves the last filter selections for each document or report. To delete existing filter selections, you must choose Clear and then OK in the Filter Table window.

End of the note.

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