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Use this window to specify details for control account reposting.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Selection Criteria

Displays business partners in the report.

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If not selected, other fields pertaining to business partner selection criteria are not displayed.

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Opens the Properties window, where you can select the required properties to be used as selection criteria. Your choices appear in the adjoining field.

Control Account

Define the control account to be scanned by the system for transactions. Press TAB to display a list of control accounts.

Trans. Code

Define the transaction code to which the system should relate.

Execution Date

Specifies the posting and document date of the journal entry.

Source Account

Specifies the source account (first account for the posting) for the journal entry.

If the balance of selected transactions is on the debit side, then posting on the source account is on the credit side, and vice versa.

Target Account

Specifies the target account for the journal entry. This is the offsetting account to the Source Account.

Posting Date From...To

Specify a posting date range for control account transactions.

When you choose Execute, a detailed selection window appears displaying the following fields:

Ref 1

Specifies the reference for journal entry.

Trans. Code

Specifies the transaction code for journal entry.


Specifies the remarks for a journal entry.

Auto Reverse

Automatically reverses the journal entry on the reversal date. The system performs reversal with opposite values on the source and target accounts.

Reversal Date

Specifies the date for reversal journal entry.

This field is effective only if Auto Reverse is selected.


You can determine the business partners whose transactions the system should consider.

To select or deselect all business partners, use the Reject All or Approve All buttons.

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Double-click a table row to display all transactions for a specific business partner. You can then select the individual transactions that the system should consider for that partner.

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