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Procedure documentationCreating Financial Report Templates Locate this document in the navigation structure


Financial reports are presented to different parties for various purposes, requiring customized formatting and presentation solutions. Use this procedure to build financial report templates, without making any changes in the chart of accounts.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Financials   Financial Report Templates  .

    The Financial Report Templates window appears.

  2. Choose the report for which you want to create a template.

  3. Define a new template or, if you only need modifications, select an existing one.

    The window displays the existing template, or a blank page to define a new one.

  4. Add the required accounts and titles to the template and place them in the required hierarchy and order.

    Note Note

    If you choose Generate Standard Chart of Accounts for a new template, the chart of accounts structure is displayed. You can remove non-relevant accounts and rearrange the others as required.

    End of the note.
  5. To link relevant G/L accounts to an account group in the template, double-click the account.

    The Account Category - Details window appears.

  6. Specify the required account(s) and choose Update.

    Note Note

    Although the chart of accounts may contain accounts at more than four levels, the financial report templates can only include accounts of up to four levels. Accounts defined as Level 5 and lower are grouped under their Level 4 parent article and displayed in the Account Category - Details window. The accounting data of the lower-level accounts is reflected through the fourth-level parent article.

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    For information about how to specify the accounts, see Account Category - Details Window.

  7. In the Financial Report Templates window, choose Update.


The new template is added to the database and is available in the selection criteria of the report for which the template was created.

Example Example

If you create a template for a balance sheet and name it "My Balance Sheet", the Template field in the Balance Sheet - Selection Criteria window lists the option My Balance Sheet.

End of the example.