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Use the User-Defined Objects function to add new business logic or new objects to SAP Business One. These objects are created with the help of existing SAP Business One functionality.

You can create the following types of objects:

  • Master data, for example Business Partner

  • Master data lines, for example, the Address in the business partner master data

  • Documents, for example, the A/R Invoice

  • Document lines, for example, the Contents tab in the A/R invoice

In addition, services for the new object can include history and log information.

To add a user-defined object, you must have a registration - the User-Defined Registration Wizard. As an option, we recommend Object Implementation - currently we support C++ objects only.

Create a table before you create an object, and then link it during the registration. While creating the table, define an additional field to set the table type. Additional fields, including all the default properties, are added by SAP Business One automatically.

To access the Registration Wizard, choose   Tools   Customization Tools   Objects Registration Wizard  .

For more information, see the How To Create User-Defined Fields and Tables document, which you can download from the documentation area of the SAP Business One Customer Portal ( For additional information, see the User-Defined Objects documentation in the SDK toolkit.

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