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The View menu contains options that relate to the display functions of SAP Business One. The open window determines which functions are active.

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User-Defined Fields (Ctrl + Shift + U)

Displays user-defined fields that you have previously created in existing tables, according to your business requirements. For more information, see User-Defined Fields.

System Information (Ctrl + Shift + D)

Displays information in the status bar, such as form number, or item number in a database table.

Pickers Display

Lets you activate or deactivate certain picking functions, for example, a list selection, a date picker, or user-defined values. For more information, see Pickers Display.

Indicators Display

Activated indicators show you which fields can be translated or have user-defined values, and whether you can choose values from a list.

Restore Column Width

Cancels manual changes to column widths in tables and restores default table settings.

Legend (Ctrl + L)

Displays the colors used for highlighting the dynamic information in the Dynamic Opportunity Analysis report.

Translated Values

Displays the translated values of fields that have been translated to the language selected in the current document.

This option appears only if the option Multi-Language Support is selected in   Administration   System Initialization   Company Details   Basic Initialization  .

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