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Procedure documentationChanging a Saved Query Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. From the Tools menu, choose   Queries   Query Manager  . The Query Manager window appears.

  2. Locate the query you want to change and choose OK. The query results are displayed.

  3. Click Display (Display) located next to Display Query Structure. The query script appears.

  4. Click Edit (Edit) and change as necessary.

  5. Choose Save. The Save Query window appears.

    • To overwrite an existing query, expand the corresponding group and select the query. Confirm the prompt that appears.

    • To save the changed query under another name, specify that name here. You would do so, for example, for changed system queries.

    • The group to which the query currently belongs is proposed automatically. To change this assignment, specify the group or groups to which the changed query should be assigned.

    • To save a system query as an individual query, specify a number.

  6. Choose Save.