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This window displays the General Ledger report according to the defined selection criteria.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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General Ledger Window
Posting Date, Due Date

Posting date and due date of the accounting document.


Numbering series assigned to the displayed journal entry.

Doc. No.

Number of the document that created the transaction and its original journal entry (IN for A/R Invoice, RC for Incoming Payments, and so on).

Trans. No.

Number of the journal entry.


Text entered in the Remarks field in the journal entry.

Offset Acct

Offsetting account from the journal entry.

Example Example

In a journal entry created by an incoming payment, the cash fund account is displayed.

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Posting amounts in local currency. Credit postings are in green and placed in brackets.

Balance (LC)

Account balance, recorded cumulatively with each posting, in the national currency.

Cumulative Balance Due (LC)

Total due from business partner or G/L account, recorded cumulatively with each posting, in the national currency, reflecting the payment and account activity.

Project, Project Name

Display the code and name of the project each transaction is allocated to.

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By default, these two columns do not appear in the General Ledger window. You can select them in the Form Settings window. To open the window, in the toolbar, choose Form Settings (Form Settings).

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Choosing to preview/print displays a window where you select the general ledger that you want to print: either the Book of Account or the Subsidiary account.

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Country-Specific Fields: Italy

Displays the CIG and CUP codes of the corresponding transaction.