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As an authorizer, use this report to display all documents for which an approval decision is pending. The approval can be made directly within the results list.

When a release is rejected, the document remains in the system as a draft. The draft can either be changed or deleted. The release procedure itself can also be canceled.

To access this window, choose   Administration   Approval Procedures   Approval Decision Report  .

Approval Decision Report – Selection Criteria Fields
No decision yet, Document Production Approved, Document Production Not Approved

Choose the approval status of the documents to display. SAP Business One differentiates between documents that are pending, already approved, and rejected.

Originator, Authorizer, Template, Request Date

Enter a selection range for these fields to narrow the range of the report. Templates are defined in the Define Approval Templates window. One or more criteria can be specified. The selection becomes the default for the next report.