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All the changes in authorizations that were made in any category and by any user can be tracked. These include a detailed list of the changes, who made them and when they were made. In addition, the Authorization window as it was on a specific date, or after a specific update can be displayed.


To view changes in authorizations, full authorization to the Change Log option, under General is required. Super users in the system have full authorizations automatically.

Each time a user updates the Authorizations window, the system creates a new instance of the Authorizations window, and saves it in the Change Log window along with the date and the user who made the update.


  1. Open the Authorizations window from   Administration   System Initialization   Authorizations   General Authorizations  .

  2. Choose the user for whom the changes are to be tracked.

  3. From the Tools menu, choose Change Log. The Change Log window displays.

  4. In the Change Log window, double-click a row to display the required instance of the Authorizations window. The instance provides a view of the Authorizations window as it was after the update. For more information, see the Change Log Window.

  5. Choose the Show Differences button to view a detailed list of the changes made in the selected instance. For more information, see the Differences Window.