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As an authorizer you can use this report to display all documents where an approval decision is required. You can:

  • Approve draft documents directly within the report.

  • View the current status of draft documents.

  • View the name of the originator of the draft document.

  • View the type of transaction requiring approval.

  • View the history of an approval procedure for a draft document.

Note Note

The Answer column is active only for a defined authorizer of the document, and the document's status must be Pending, Approved, or Not Approved.

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  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Approval Procedures   Approval Decision Report  .

  2. To filter the report, choose the required decision statuses, and enter a range for Originator, Authorizer, Template, and/or Request Date. The request date is the date on which the original document that triggered the approval procedure was created.

  3. To generate the report, choose the OK button.

    The Approval Decision Report window shows the documents that correspond to the specified selection criteria. A row is displayed in the report results for each authorizer, assuming the selection criteria were not limited to a single authorizer. Therefore, the same transaction may appear several times in the list, but involve a different authorizer each time.

  4. You can decide whether to approve a transaction directly from the Approval Decision Report window:

    1. To approve or reject a document, in the Answer column, select either Approved or Not Approved from the list. Documents awaiting approval are displayed as Pending.

    2. To approve several transactions simultaneously, select the required rows and choose the Global Update button. In the Global Update window, you can approve or reject all the selected documents and include a remark. The remark is copied to all the documents in the report results.

  5. To save the data once all the documents have been processed, choose the Update button.