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In the Employee Master Data window, when defining a new employee, you can choose to add a new user with fields User Code, User Name, Employee, E-Mail, Mobile Phone, Fax, Branch, and Department filled with corresponding values from the employee master data.

For an existing employee, in the User Code field, when choosing the Define New option to define a new user to link to, you can choose to fill the above-mentioned fields as well.

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  1. To display the Users - Setup window, choose   Administration   Setup   General   Users  .

  2. Enter the required user-specific data (see Users - Setup). If the user is to have superuser permissions, select the Superuser option.

    Note Note

    You cannot modify authorizations for superusers; select this option carefully. See Authorizations.

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  3. As required, specify the user's defaults. For more information, see User Defaults Window.

  4. If required, define an initial password for the user.

  5. To save the user information, choose Add.