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Procedure documentationUsing the Distribution List to Send a Message Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. From the menu bar, choose   File   Send   Send Message  .

    Alternatively, click the E-mail... (E-mail...) icon in the tool bar.

    The Send Message window appears.

  2. Choose the Add Recipient button.

  3. Select the Distribution List tab.

    All the distribution lists defined in the system appear in the tab.

    The following options are available to select distribution lists for the message:

    • Select a distribution list by selecting the checkbox in the column to the right of that list.

    • To select all the distribution lists as recipients of the message, choose the title of the column containing the checkboxes.

    • To deselect one or more distribution lists, choose the checkbox again.

    • To deselect all the distribution lists, choose the title of the column containing the checkboxes again.

  4. When you have selected all the required distribution lists, choose OK.

    The system then returns to the window for editing the message. All the members of the distribution list(s) are added to the table of recipients for the message.