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Use this window to define geographic locations for items managed by serial numbers.

To open this window, choose   Administration   Setup   General   Territories  .

Territories Setup Fields

Enter the alphanumeric name for the territory.

Parent Territory

Displays a territory of a higher level; otherwise, the field is grayed out.

If required, specify a different parent territory.

Location Order

Specify the position of the territory with regard to sibling territories, for example, First, Last, or After.

Show Inactive

Displays inactive territories.

If required, inactive territories can be reset to be Active.

Set Inactive

A toggle control that defines the territory as inactive. The button changes to Set Active. Choose it to define an inactive territory as active.

Add Same-Level

Adds a sibling territory to the existing territory.

When you add a sibling territory, select its location order.

Add Sub-Level

After you entered a territory name, adds a child territory according to the parent selected in the parent territory field.

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