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Define in this tab the certain term or set of terms that should be fulfilled in order to activate the approval template.

To access this tab choose:   Administration   Approval Procedures   Approval Templates   Terms  .

Approval Templates – Setup: Terms Tab

Select to activate the approval template whenever the selected users (in the Originator tab) initiate the selected documents (in the Documents tab).

When the Following Applies

Select to define a term or set of terms that only when fulfilled, the approval procedure is activated.

Note Note

If you defined more than one term, the approval template will be activated when any of the defined terms are fulfilled.

End of the note.

Select the checkboxes of the terms you want to apply on the approval template.


Displays the name of the different predefined terms. The terms that appear here depends on the selected option in the Documents tab.


Select the relevant ratio for each selected term.

Note Note

You cannot select ratio for a deselected term.

End of the note.

Specify the required value for each selected term. Specify the values for the ratios In Range and Not in Range in the following format:

Low amount-high amount.

Example Example

For gross profit percentage lower than 20% and higher than 50%, select the ratio Not in Range and in the Value column type: 20-50.

End of the example.

When the specified values are amounts, specify the required currency as well. If you specify an amount only, the local currency is taken by default.

Query Name

To define terms based on user queries, (either instead or in addition to the predefined terms) follow the steps below:

  1. Define the required queries and save them.

  2. Double click on the Query Name column. The Query Manager window appears.

  3. Select the required query, and choose the OK button.

Total Selected Terms

Displays the number of the selected terms. It includes both predefined terms and user queries.