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Use the Password Administration window to specify the requirements for user passwords. To access this window, choose   Administration   Setup   General   Security   Password Administration  .

Password Administration
Security Level

Security level for the passwords of SAP Business One users.

Select one of the predefined security levels:

  • Low – selected by default

  • Medium

  • High

The values in the fields below are replaced according to the selected security level, but cannot be changed.

You can also define security levels with parameters that are specific to your company. To do so, choose Custom. In this case, all the fields below can be edited.

Security Level Components

The values specified in the following fields determine the security level. You can edit these fields only when the selected security level is Custom:

  • Expiration After X Days

  • Minimum Length in Characters

  • Minimum Number of Uppercase Characters

  • Minimum Number of Lowercase Characters

  • Minimum Number of Digits

  • Minimum Number of Non-alphanumeric Characters

  • Password cannot match X Previous Passwords

  • Authentications Before User Account is Locked

Password Example

Enter a sample password that complies with the security level specified. This password example is displayed in the Password window, to assist the users in creating a personal password that complies with the security requirements.


Automatically generates a password example that complies with the selected security level.