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Use this window to translate field values to foreign languages. When the field values are translated, the translations can be used later by multi-language support for displaying and printing documents for foreign business partners in their own language.

For more information about how to open the Translations window, see Translating Fields into Foreign Languages and Viewing Translated.

Translations Window

Displays the system table to which the field belongs.

For example, the field Item Description in the Item Master Data window belongs to the Items table.


Displays the name of the field for which you are translating values.


Displays the translated value's code.

For example, when translating values for the Item Description field, the item's number is displayed in this field.

Default Description

Displays the description of the item in the translated field in your local language.

For example, if you are translating the description of an item to other languages, the item's description is displayed in your local language in this field. For example, if your local language is English the item description is Computer.

Translated Values

This table displays the translations of the selected value to foreign languages.


Select the foreign language to which you want to translate the field value, for example, Spanish. The list displays the default SAP Business One languages and any languages that have been added.

For more information about adding a language, see the online help topic Adding and Removing a Language.


Enter or display the translation of the value in the foreign language.

For example, if the item description Computer was translated to Spanish, the value Computador appears in this field.