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Use the window to define the number of installments, the percentage to be paid in each installment, the credit method, and how tax is applied to the invoice.

To open this window, choose   Administration   Setup   Business Partners   Payment Terms  , then click Link Arrow (Link Arrow).

Installments Window Fields
No. of Installments

Specify the number of installments.

Credit Method

Specify the method to be used when a credit memo is created based on an invoice with installments.

When the amount of the credit memo equals the invoice amount, all the installments are credit installments.

When the credit memo amount is less than the invoice amount, then the installments are credit installments according to the value selected here.

  • First Installment

    The credit is first applied to the first installment, then to the second one, and so on, until the entire credit amount is applied.

  • Last Installment

    The credit is first applied to the last installment, then to the second last, and so on.

  • Equally

    The credit is applied to each installment, according to the proportions defined in the % field.

Apply Tax in First Installment

Adds the tax amount to the first installment only.

Update Tax Proportionally

Adds the tax amount proportionally to each installment, according to the % field.

Month, Days

Specify how the installment due date is determined. The due date is calculated from the total amount of the Month and Days fields for each row, starting from the invoice due date.

If you want the first installment due date to be the same as the invoice due date, enter 0 in the Month and Days fields.


The installments as percentages of the total payment amount. The total must be 100%.