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Use this tab to register and assign add-ons and to set company-wide preferences.

Company Preferences Tab Fields
Available Add-Ons

Displays a list of add-ons available for registration and assignment.

Register Add-On

Opens the Add-On Registration window that allows you to register add-ons.

Remove Add-On

Removes the selected add-on from the list.

Send Notification to Users

Opens a window in which you can create a notification on new add-ons and send it to all the users of the company.

Company Assigned Add-Ons

Displays a list of add-ons that were assigned to the company that is currently logged on.

Use and to assign or unassign registered add-ons.


Displays the add-on position within the event-receiving order.

This position determines the order in which company-assigned add-ons receive events from the SAP Business One application.

You can modify this order using Button Up (Button Up) and Button Down (Button Down) .

Default Group

Defines the way this add-on is opened when SAP Business One is started.

  • Mandatory: SAP Business One starts the add-on automatically. The add-on is necessary for the successful operation of the SAP Business One application. The application launches the add-on at start-up and shuts it down if the add-on is terminated for any reason. Users cannot start or stop mandatory add-ons.

  • Automatic: SAP Business One starts the add-on automatically. Users can stop automatically started add-ons with no impact on SAP Business One. When the add-on stops, a warning message informs users.

  • Manual: SAP Business One does not start the add-on automatically. Users can start the add-on at any time. When a manually started add-on is stopped, a message informs users.

Note Note

For Manual and Automatic default group, you can override the company preferences by setting different preferences for specific users in the company.

For more information, see Setting User Preferences.

End of the note.
Force Install

Forces the SAP Business One application to install the add-on each time the user on this client logs on to the assigned company.

If the add-on is already installed, the application does not reinstall it.


Temporarily activates or disables the selected add-on.

This is used mainly for debugging purposes. A disabled add-on is not available for the assigned company and all its users.

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