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The following table describes the fields that appear on the Budget tab of the General Settings window.

To access this tab, choose   Administration   System Initialization   General Settings   Budget  .

General Settings: Budget Tab
Budget Initialization

Select to manage the budget in your company. Once this option is selected, the budget-related functions appear in the Financials module, and the following fields appear in the current window.

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Except for the field For Annual Budget/For Monthly Budget, all the settings below are updated per company, for all users.

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  • Block Deviation from Budget – Blocks the creation of transactions that cause the budget to be exceeded.

  • Warning – Sends an alert when the budget is exceeded. You can confirm and add the transaction, or cancel.

  • Without Warning – Adds, without any restriction or warning, transactions that exceed the budget.

Selecting either Block Deviation from Budget or Warning, displays the following fields in the window:

  • For Annual Budget/For Monthly Budget – For the annual budget, this setting is updated per user. For the monthly budget, it is updated only after the next logon for all users in the company.

  • Purchase Orders – A check is made against the budget during the issuing of purchase orders, including all open purchase orders and the current one.

  • Goods Receipt POs – A check is made against the budget during the issuing of goods receipt POs, including all open goods receipt POs and the current one.

  • Accounting – A check is conducted during the issuing of an A/P invoice or any other accounting transaction that involves a G/L account relevant to the budget.

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