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SAP Business One supports export to certain accounting software packages. For Hashavshevet, available in the Israeli localization, the export can be filtered according to certain criteria.

The transaction date and/or posting date ranges can be selected by marking the checkbox beside either field, and if required entering the range to filter the selection.

Choose Convert Reference to truncate the account number to either the first or the last four digits once exported.

If required, the number of transactions to be exported in each batch can be defined to suit the batch definitions in Hashavshevet.

To select only certain documents, choose Original Journal and select the required documents.

The file can be exported in foreign currency instead of the local or system currency, by selecting Export FC Values.

For more details about this procedure and for information about the file format, contact SAP Business One Support.

To display this window, choose   Administration   Data Import/Export   Data Export   Export Transactions to Hashavshevet Software  .

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