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In Belgium, a document numbering series can contain more than one document type. All of these documents can be part of the same numbering range series.

This permits the creation of the legally required journals, which are:

  • One or more sales journals

  • One or more purchases journals

  • A bank journal, one per bank

  • A cash journal for recording all petty cash transactions

  • A MO (Miscellaneous Operations) journal

It is legally permissible to produce as many sales or purchases journals as required. This means that the company could have one sales journal for sales invoices, another sales journal for sales credit memos, and the third sales journal for manual transactions. Having one sales journal for one type of sales invoice and another sales journal for other types of sales invoices is also permitted. This is also applicable for purchases journals.

Within each journal, document numbering must be chronological and sequential.

Once this type of document numbering is selected, document numbering cannot be changed manually.

Note Note

If you want to define document numbering series with more than one document type for localizations other than Belgium, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Company Details   and on the Basic Initialization tab select the checkbox Permit More Than One Document Type per Series. The menu option Relate Series to Document then appears in the SAP Business One Main Menu under Document Numbering.

This option is not available in Brazil.

End of the note.