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Use this tab to specify selection criteria for the Sales Analysis by Customer report. When you run the report, SAP Business One creates a corresponding sales volume analysis for each customer.

To access the tab, choose   Sales – A/R   Sales Reports   Sales Analysis   Customers  . Alternatively, access it from the Reports module.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Customers Tab Fields
Annual Report, Monthly Report, Quarterly Report

Select whether you want the report to reflect results for the entire year, per month, or per quarter.

If you select the Monthly Report or the Quarterly Report radio button, the total for the year is also displayed. In addition, if you select one of these options, you can hide empty periods by selecting the Hide Empty Months/Quarters checkbox.

Invoices, Orders, Delivery Notes

Select the document type on which you want to base the sales analysis.

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  • If you base an A/R credit memo on an A/R down payment invoice, that A/R credit memo does not appear in the report.

  • Cancelled sales orders do not appear in the report.

  • Returns are displayed as part of delivery notes and they decrease the sales amount.

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Individual Display

Displays the report for individual customers.

Group Display

Displays the report for customer groups, with each customer group appearing in a separate row. To display the sales for each customer in a customer group, double-click the row number of the respective customer group.


Choose Properties to include customer properties in the report.

Display Amounts in System Currency

Displays the amounts in system currency.

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