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SAP Business One enables you to create target documents directly from base documents. For example, you can create a delivery directly from the sales order. In that case, all the data that you entered in the sales order is automatically copied to the delivery.

You can create a target document for an added document in status Open only. When you create a target document, SAP Business One copies all its open rows.

Note Note

When you work with an All currency business partner and perform the transaction in a currency different from the default one, the system selects this currency in the relevant target document.

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John, the sales employee, submits a sales quotation for one of his customers. A week later, the customer calls and wants to order the selected items. John copies the sales quotation to a sales order.

  1. Choose   Sales - A/R   Sales Quotation  .

    The Sales Quotation window appears.

  2. Find the relevant sales quotation for the customer.

  3. Choose   Copy To   Order  .

    The Sales Order window appears with the copied details of the sales quotation.

  4. Update the sales order, if necessary, and choose Add.

Two days later, the ordered items arrive. John opens the Delivery window to create a delivery and to send the items to the customer.

  1. Choose   Sales - A/R   Delivery  .

    The Delivery window appears.

  2. Enter the code or name of the customer.

  3. Choose   Copy From   Orders   and select the relevant sales order.

    The Draw Document Wizard appears. For more information, see Drawing Document Wizard.

  4. Update the delivery, if necessary, and choose Add.


You have created the relevant documents.

Note Note

When you copy one or more base documents to a target document, SAP Business One observes the following rules:

  • If all base documents have the same value, that value is copied to the target document.

  • If base values are different, the default value from the business master data is used.

  • If no default value exists for the business partner, no value is copied to the target document.

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