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Use this part of the sales quotation to enter general information relevant to all items in the document.

To open the window, choose   Sales – A/R   Sales Quotation  .

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Sales Quotation General Area Fields
Contact Person

Name of the default contact person as defined in the business partner master data. If required, specify a different contact person.

Customer Ref. No.

Specify the customer reference number, if required.


Field on the left: name of the numbering series.

Specify a series.

Field on the right: the number of the sales quotation. If you choose the manual series, enter the relevant number.


Status of the sales quotation:

  • Open

    You can draw the document completely or partially to a document of a higher level.

  • Open – Printed

    You printed the document and left it open.

  • Cancelled

    You cancelled the document manually.

  • Closed

    You closed the document manually or SAP Business One closed it automatically when you drew it to another document.

  • Draft

    The document is still a draft.

Posting Date

Specify the posting date. The default value for this field is the current date on which the sales quotation is created. If required, change the date.

Caution Caution

If you change this date, the continuity of the numbers and dates on a document will be interrupted.

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Valid Until

Enter the date until which the sales quotation is valid. The default date is 30 days after the posting date. You can change it manually or by choosing different payment terms for the sales quotation.

Document Date

Document date of the sales quotation, used for tax purposes. Change the date if required.


Specify the display currency for the amounts in the A/R invoice.

If the customer currency equals the local currency, the options are Local Currency and System Currency.

If the customer currency is a foreign currency, the options include BP Currency.

Your selection does not change the original currency of the document.

Sales Employee

Specify the sales employee who initiated the sales quotation.


Specify the code of the employee who owns the sales quotation.


Enter additional information regarding the sales quotation. You can edit the field contents after the sales quotation is added.

Total Before Discount

Total amount of the sales quotation before the discount for the document is calculated.

Note Note

If the discount has been defined in the item or service row, the amount displayed in this field takes that discount into account.

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Discount %

In the field on the left, specify the percentage of discount.

The field on the right displays the amount of the discount.

Updating one of the fields updates the other field accordingly.


Displays the total freight for the sales quotation.

This field appears only if you have selected Manage Freight in Documents in   Administration   System Initialization   Document Settings   General  .


This field appears only if the rounding method has been defined as By Currency in   Administration   System Initialization   Document Settings   General  .

When the total amount of the document is rounded according to the rounding method determined by the currency, the difference between the original amount and the rounded amount appears in this field.


Tax amount for the sales quotation calculated according to your tax definitions.


Total amount of the sales quotation, including tax, freight and discounts. You can edit the value.

Payment Order Run

If the checkbox is selected, it indicates that this document, or at least one of its installments, is included in a payment order run. The checkbox is deselected in the following situations:

  • The payment order row that includes this document or its installment(s) is removed from the payment order run.

    To remove a payment order row, in Payment Wizard: Step 6 - Recommendation Report, right-click the payment order row and choose Remove. The checkbox for this payment order row is deselected in the selection column.

  • The payment order row that includes this document or its installment(s) is closed in the payment order run.

    To close payment order rows in which all the documents are fully paid, in Payment Wizard: Step 6 - Recommendation Report, choose the Close Payment Order Rows button. The Payment Order Status column displays C for the closed payment order rows.

  • The payment order run that includes this document or its installment(s) is executed into a payment run.

    To execute a payment run, in Payment Wizard: Step 6 - Recommendation Report, choose the Next button. In Payment Wizard: Step 7 - Save Options, choose the Next button and choose Yes in the system message.

Note Note

When this checkbox is selected, the Copy From and the Copy To functions are disabled.

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Note Note

When this checkbox is selected, you cannot change values in the Due Date field in the general area and in the Payment Block field on the Accounting tab.

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Country-Specific Field: Brazil

Select a branch for which you want to create the document.

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This field is available only if you have enabled multiple branches.

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