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You can use this option to call up detailed information on a sales document row.


  1. In the sales document, position the cursor on the row and select   Goto   Row Details   from the menu bar or simply double-click the row number.

    The detailed information displayed contains five different types of data:

    • Data that is copied from the item master record, such as the item description

    • Data that has been entered in a row, such as the order quantity

    • Data that is copied to the document as a result of the settings for the respective sales document, such as the item storage location for an invoice

    • Data that is generated when the sales document is created, such as the total amount of an invoice row

    • Individual user fields that have been defined for a marketing document - rows

    You can determine the fields that are displayed in the detailed information and the order in which they are displayed in the settings for the respective sales document.

    You can also display fields that you use frequently and that are displayed in the detailed information in the table.

  2. To select serial numbers for a certain row, place the cursor in the Quantity column in the appropriate row and press Ctrl+Tab.

    This opens the Serial Number Selection window.