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Use this window to view the summary of target documents created per customer, as well as error and warning messages.

Summary Report

Displays messages in the following format:

Target document name and number (target document numerator) – No. of base documents which have been consolidated: Number (base document numerator)

Example Example

A/R Invoices No. 44 – 2 Sales Order(s) consolidate: 16, 17

End of the example.
Errors, Warnings

Either includes or excludes errors and warnings from the document generation wizard summary report.

SAP Business One creates a different row for each target document.

  • If you choose Save Parameter Set & Execute in step 7, the following remark appears at the top of the message list: Your Parameter Set was Saved Successfully.

  • In case of failure, the following message appears: Your Parameter Set was not Saved.

  • If an approval procedure is required for the document, the following message appears: Draft document number X was created. Request for approval was sent.