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Use this area to enter general information relevant to all parts of the document and to the import procedure.

To access the area, choose   Purchasing – A/P   Landed Costs  .

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Landed Costs General Area Fields

Field on the left: vendor code

Field on the right: vendor name

Specify either the vendor code or the vendor name. The remaining field is filled automatically.

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If you create one landed costs document when you import goods from several vendors, the field on the left displays the string '********' and the field on the right displays Different Vendors. For example, in consolidation purchasing, a single container is used for importing goods from several vendors to decrease import costs.

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You can view the vendors selected for the document on the Vendors tab.


Field on the left: broker code

Field on the right: broker name

Specify either the code or the name of the broker hired to assist with the import and customs procedures. The remaining field is filled automatically.

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You define brokers as other regular vendors in the business partner master data.

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Displays the vendor currency and the exchange rate used for the document. You must enter an exchange rate; otherwise, you are not able to continue recording the landed costs document.

After you specify an exchange rate, you can choose either the vendor currency or your local currency. Your selection determines the currency in which monetary values are displayed in the document, that is, transport costs or customs, for example.

Closed Document

Select when you finish processing a landed costs document and, if required, clear it as long as the journal entry for the document’s landed costs has not been created.

SAP Business One selects the checkbox automatically once a journal entry for the document’s landed costs is created. In that case, it cannot be cleared again.


Sequential number automatically assigned by SAP Business One according to the definition in the system initialization (see   Administration   System Initialization   Document Numbering  ).


Specify a numbering series.

Posting Date

Specify the posting date.

The default value is the current date on which the landed costs document is created. If required, change the date.

Due Date

Specify the due date for the document. The default value is the date on which the landed costs document is created. If required, change the date.


Additional reference number for the document, if defined.

File No.

Number of the landed costs document, as provided by your broker.

Copy From

A list of base documents from which to create a target document.

Country-Specific Field: India
Seq. Name

Specify a sequence from the dropdown list. The application generates the sequence automatically.

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This field appears only for documents that are assigned a sequence.

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