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Use this tab to:

  • Link a document to an activity

  • View the linked sales opportunity or service call from which an activity was created

  • View the base activity, if an activity is a follow-up

    Example Example

    If you make a phone call regarding a certain sales order, you can link the relevant order.

    End of the example.

To access the tab, choose   Business Partners   Activity   Linked Document  .

Note Note

This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Linked Document Tab Fields
Document Number

Specify the number of the linked document.

Note Note

You can only specify documents matching the selected document type.

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Show Documents Related to the BP

Filters the selection of documents so that only documents related to the selected business partner appear in the list of documents for selection.

Source Object Type

Indicates if the activity was created from a service call or a sales opportunity.

Source Object No.

Service call or sales opportunity number from which the activity was created.

Previous Activity

Number of the base activity, if the activity is a follow-up.