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When performing internal reconciliation manually, it is possible to print the reconciliations. Use this window to set the printing preferences for the manual internal reconciliations you are about to perform.

To open the window, choose the Print Settings button at the Internal Reconciliation window.

Internal Reconciliation Printing Preferences
Print Reconciliations

Prints reconciliations. When you select this option, the following options appear:

  • New Reconciliations Only – Prints only the reconciliation that the system is about to perform.

  • New and Old Reconciliations – Prints reconciliations that were created in the past as well as the ones the system is about to perform. When you select this option, additional fields appear that enable you to define the reconciliation number range.

Unreconciled Transactions

Prints unreconciled transactions. When you select this option, the following fields appear:

  • Sorting 1

  • Sorting 2

Use these fields to define the sorting order of the unreconciled transactions for the purpose of printing. Click in each field to select the values according to which sorting is to be performed.