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Use these fields to enter basic customer or lead information, and to provide information about a specific sales opportunity.

To open this window, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Sales Opportunities   Sales Opportunity  .

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General Area Fields
Business Partner Name

Name of customer corresponding to specified business partner code.

Contact Person

Default contact person for business partner, as defined in business partner master data; editable field.

Total Amount Invoiced

Number of invoices, minus number of credit memos, created for this customer.

Business Partner Territory

Territory to which the business partner has been defined; editable field.

Sales Employee

Specify the sales employee assigned to the selected business partner and responsible for this sales opportunity.

Default display: sales employee defined in business partner master data.

No default defined: field displays sales employee defined in Sales Employee - Setup window.

No employee defined in either window: field displays No Sales Employee.


Specify the employee responsible for this sales opportunity.

Prerequisite: Sales employees have been defined in the Employee Master Data window and linked to the business partner.

You can:

Select a different employee for each stage.

Limit access to the Sales Opportunity window and its reports to specific employees. For more information, see   Administration   System Initialization   Authorization   Data Ownership Authorizations  .

Display in System Currency

All financial fields display values in system currency.

Opportunity Name

Enter a descriptive name.

Opportunity No.

SAP Business One automatically assigns a sequential number.


Status of the sales opportunity.

Default: Open.

For closed sales opportunities, this field displays Won or Lost, as selected on the Summary tab.

When selecting Won or Lost as the Sales Opportunity Status, the following system message appears: “You changed the sales opportunity to won. Do you want to close the related activities?” choose Yes or No.

Start Date

Date of entry of sales opportunity in SAP Business One.

Default: system date

Closing Date

When sales opportunity was defined on the Summary tab as Won or Lost.

Open Activities

Total sum of activities with status Open for the selected business partner.

Closing %

Percentage value entered on the Stages tab for the last stage, indicating the progress of the sales opportunity.

Related Activities

All activities connected to this sales opportunity.

Related Documents

All sales documents linked to this sales opportunity.

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