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Procedure documentationAdding Sales Opportunities Locate this document in the navigation structure


You add sales opportunities to record your activities with potential business partners such as meetings, phone calls or negotiations.


You have defined the following:

  • Business partners (in   Business Partners   Business Partner Master Data  )

  • Sales employees (in   Human Resources   Employee Master Data  )

  • Sales stages (in   Administration   Setup   Sales Opportunities   Sales Stages  )

Note Note

You can also define business partners and sales stages from within the Sales Opportunity window while creating or updating the sales opportunity.

End of the note.


  1. Choose   Sales Opportunities   Sales Opportunity  .

    The Sales Opportunity window appears in Add mode.

  2. Choose the Business Partner Code.

    In addition to the business partner code and name, the customer's default contact person and sales employee are also displayed. Adjust information as required.

  3. Assign an Owner for each sales opportunity.

    Optionally, assign a different owner for each sales stage.

  4. In the Potential or Stages tab, enter the potential amount for each stage of the sales opportunity.

  5. Enter any optional information, according to your requirements.

  6. Choose Add to save the changes and close the window.