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This window displays the Check Register according to the defined selection criteria.

Check Register Window
Check No.

Search for a specific check by its number.


Specify a currency to display only checks created in this currency.

Deposit Status

Specify whether to display deposited checks, checks that have not been deposited, or both. This selection criterion is active only for checks appearing in this window.

Sequence No., Date, Check No., Bank, Branch, Account, Endorsed, Amount

Details regarding each check displayed.


Total amount of all checks shown in the window.

Note Note

Since not all checks documented in the check fund are displayed, this total is not equal to the check fund balance.

End of the note.
Date, Check No., Bank, Branch, Account, Endorsable, Amount

Details about the check selected in the table.


Details regarding the selected check, if it has been deposited:

  • Deposit number

  • Deposit date

  • Account or business partner for which the check was deposited

  • Bank, branch and account in which the check was deposited

    All details are taken from the deposit document as posted in SAP Business One.


Details regarding the incoming payment document created for the selected check.

Endorsed, Deposited, Canceled

Information about whether the selected check has been endorsed, deposited, or canceled.

Cancellation Journal Entry

Number of the journal entry that cancels the one created when the incoming payment of a check is added.


Opens a journal entry window with a partial transaction that you must complete in order to perform the check endorsement.

Available only if the selected check is endorsable.